Hi new friend!

The Lab Notes Community is for women who seek to ask why + how in their everyday lives. It's for women who want to take action rather than relinquish themselves to the habits they developed long ago. It's for women who want to live everyday fully aware that they have limited attention + energy, making the who, what, and when of their time important daily decisions. It's for women who want to stop running in circles devoting themselves to the minutiae of life, struggling to stay afloat in survival mode, and start thinking and living with the future of our world in mind.

If that's you, then join me here. After some hiatus (because of that attention + energy constraint I mentioned), Lab Notes will revive to a weekly email containing private tips, reading lists, questions to help spark your intrapersonal curiosity, and an open door to ask me questions about anything and everything motherhood, wellness, learning, home life, habit formation, mental health, etc.

After you sign up I'll be sending over a resource I developed as a welcome gift to you. So don't forget to check your email - and be sure to hit reply so I can learn more about who you are + what brought you here.

Until then, keep going and stay curious.

P.S. Not sure yet? Head to my bio to learn more about me + my story...you can always come back if you jive with my mission.
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